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Things to do in Vourvourou Halkidiki

Сеа Каиак авантуре у Воурвоуроу Ситонија Халкидики

У близини можете пробати путовање кајаком и посјетити острвима Воурвоуроу Халкидики на овај јединствен начин.


Half Day Sea Kayak Trip

The Sea Kayak Half-Day Trip is our most popular Sea Kayak trip departing from Vourvourou, due to the unparalleled beauty found on the nearby Diaporos island.



Full Day Sea Kayak Trip

The Full-Day trip provides an adventure that truly makes you feel like a liberated explorer in command of the sea and land. It lasts approximately 8 hours and is great for people who have plenty of time at their disposal, as there are several different route options available while circumnavigating Diaporos island in Vourvourou bay.



3 hours Sunset Sea Kayak, Vourvourou

There is no better way to end a day in Halkidiki than watching the sunset from the peace and tranquility of our sea kayaks. Feel the magic of Vourvourou bay Sunset scenery !!!